Give more than money, Gain more than Insight.

SVP builds a network of informed, engaged, and effective philanthropists committed to investing in addressing poverty in Philadelphia.

SVP Partners invest their time, talent, treasure, and ties in BIPOC-led, BIPOC-empowering organizations addressing social, racial, economic disparities as the means of reducing poverty.

Support Beyond the Dollar

At the start of a relationship with SVP, we work with our nonprofit Investees to self determine the type of support that will help them grow their impact. We connect individuals from our network — our Partners — who are able to provide the type of support they need, whether that be a specific skill set, thought partnership, or a connection through their professional network.

The more Partners we have in our community, the more resources we can help shore up for those who are tackling poverty head-on in Philadelphia. This engaged model serves as an opportunity to build relationships with frontline nonprofit leaders so that they can grow advocates and gain access to resources necessary to sustain lasting change, and so that we can become better funders and partners to advance our shared goals.

Ending intergenerational poverty in Philadelphia is possible, because the ideas and expertise already exist within the most impacted communities. By sharing our resources, knowledge and power with local leaders, we can amplify their voices and vision, and design a new way forward as partners for our city. The changes we seek won’t happen overnight. We’re here for the long term, resourcing changemakers and continuing our own learning along the way.

“SVP Partners all have so much to give, from connections to insight to resources. But we’re flipping traditional philanthropy on its head by listening, not prescribing. We’re asking the people most impacted ‘what do you need?’ We’re letting those experts lead us. We don’t know best — they do.”

Kristen Angelucci
Co-founder, Myth
SVP Partner

Kristen Angelucci

Our Strategic Plan

In Summer of 2022, the SVP Partnership came together to create a new two-year strategic plan that crystalized our mission, vision, values, and theory of change. With these in mind, we set clear and measurable goals and outcomes for FY23 and FY24 to advance our mission, scale our work, and help grow our impact.

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Our Shared Values


  • We invest in leaders closest to the need
  • We are an inclusive network, reflective of Philadelphia
  • We champion justice, always


  • We listen and act on the voice of lived experience
  • We build long-lasting, trusting partnerships


  • We shift and share power
  • We collaborate for success and commit to measurable outcomes


  • We leverage collective resources, long-term
  • We are realistic and enthusiastic in carrying our share of the load
  • We practice patience and resilience